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One Month To 1000 List Members

Why Not Build Your Own Targeted List?

Learn how to build 1000 List Members In Less Than One Month!

Product Description: These strategies for creating a mailing list of targeted buyers that will return to your site again and again can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars.



In my eBook 1 Month to 1000 Members, I outline several reasons why it is so important for you to build this commitment of the email address between you and the customer.

You will learn:

  • Why the customer feels committed to you after giving you their email address.

  • How this is an indication that they are willing to spend money on the internet.

  • How you can use their initial purchase to give you an indication of how much money they are willing to spend.

  • How having this kind of list can save hours chasing down new prospects every day.

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How To Thrive In A Down Economy

"Discover How To Deliver A Virtual Smack Down IN Your Niche – No Matter How Much The Economy Stinks!"

Product Description: For The First Time Ever, Millionaire Russell Brunson Reveals How To "Recession-Proof" your Business By Applying These Untold Secrets (HINT: Your Competition Won’t Know What Hit "em!)

Listen up: it doesn’t matter where you go—there is always someone on the news talking about how the economy is going down the toilet. That people are losing jobs left to right, don’t have money to spend, and are losing their homes.

Don’t get me wrong—a lot of this is true. We ARE living in challenging times and things are almost as bad as the Great Depression.

But that doesn’t mean you should roll over and play dead! No way. And the person who’s going to show you how to avoid it is Russell Brunson.

You see, Russell Brunson knows how to make money online. He started his business out of his dorm room when he was in college 5½ years ago and he’s been raking in the bills since. That’s pretty good considering he’s NEVER taken a marketing class or started a business in his life!

How was he able to build a million dollar business despite being a broke college student? Very simple.

Determination. The determination to do what most people would believe is impossible—no matter what the cost.

And that’s Russell’s answer to the bad US economy: determination to improve his business so it becomes "recession-proof". This is something VERY few businesses know how to do—and Russell does it perfectly!

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Email Formatter Prime

"Discover How This Email Formatter Software Can Help Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts Greatly!"

Product Description: And to make this even more irresistible, I'm going to give you the Giveaway Rights (Worth $27) to this software which allows you to be able to distribute it freely to your either your subscribers or your prospects.

You can use it to add value to your subscribers and keep them happy or use it as an ethical bribe to get people to opt in to your list.

What This Amazing Software Does:

  • Creates well-formatted text in literally just seconds.

  • Standardizes the look of your emails and other text documents.

  • Makes the task of preparing your emails for your subscribers a breeze.

  • Copies your formatted text unto any program like Notepad, your HTML editor, MS Word and your autoresponder broadcast feature.

  • Helps improve your Email Marketing campaigns.

  • Saves you a ton of time and effort spent on formatting text content

  • And Much Much More!

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Product Flipping For Cash

Learn How To Convert Resell Rights & Private Label Products Sitting On Your Hard Drive Gathering Digital Dust Into Cash-Generating Assets That Makes Money For YOU At Will!

Discover The Biggest Lie About Resell Rights Items And Private Label Products That Is Sucking MAJORITY Of The Online Marketers Into Poverty At Warp Nine Speed... And Precisely, Step-By-Step, How You Can Escape This Terrifying Wrath!

Product Description: You're definitely witnessing the soaring popularity of both Resell Rights and Private Label products in the online marketing scene today.

And the reason they're popular is because of one very important benefit among many others: they're HUGE time-savers.

By this, it often means you get to skip the long, arduous product development process. Many sophisticated marketers often offer their products as turnkey as possible today - and this can include providing graphics, sales letters, mini sites, thank you pages, etc.

And in some marketing circles, some product authors even go as far as to provide a crash course guide to setting up your reseller site for sale.

All in all, the idea behind providing Resell Rights or Private Label Rights to Info Products is so that the reseller (that's you) can conveniently skip the product development process, shortcutting one gigantic step toward your profits. Right???

Now, It's Time For Me To Reveal To You The Biggest Lie!

Look, if you believe that buying these products with Resell Rights and Private Label Rights are going to make you rich without doing a lick of work, then you've been outright suckered or blatantly lied to.

Whoever sold you those products possibly could have lied to you on that fact... or it could be that due to your 'plain old just wanting to be rich so desperately' self-deception that you've created for yourself. I honestly don't know. But I do know one thing for sure: those products can't make money for you unless you know how to make them do so!

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Will Email For Cash

"Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Chalk Out Your Very Own Profit-Pulling 'KILLER' Promo Emails That Can Move Your Readers At Will!"

Product Description: Do you struggle with your email marketing, and just can't seem to get the profitable sales returns you want? How would you like to be able to write 'killer' promotional emails that produce maximum results with complete ease?

Well, here's the thing: writing persuasive promotion emails requires skill and it's not something you can master literally overnight. And the good news is, that it can be developed!

Unless you are pushing the HOT buttons, you aren't going to move the majority of your readers, much less press them to take action of some kind. That's precisely why I created this course... so you CAN "move your readers" to take the actions you want them to take and a whole lot more!

And MORE good news: writing promotion emails that sell isn't really a tough ordeal once you know how to do it correctly.

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An A To Z Of Website Traffic

"Discover These 26 Great Traffic Boosting Tips, Right Now!"

Product Description: Do you have enough traffic to your website?

It's a stupid question really!

There's really no such thing as enough traffic.

Every site on the Internet is always looking for more - even the big sites like Yahoo and Amazon.

In my concise guide, the A to Z of Website Traffic, I cover 26 different ways to get traffic to your site.

I'll even expose the weaknesses in some of the most commonly promoted traffic solutions -which could save you wasting a lot of your own time and money.

Whatever your current situation, you're sure to find something of interest in this useful guide to what is almost certainly the most important topic for any online business.

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Profit From Low Ticket Items

"Who Else Wants To Discover How To Create and Sell Small $5 - $10 Products and Sell Truck-Loads of Them?"

Product Description: Low-Ticket Products Are The Easiest To Sell Because Your Prospects Hardly Need To Think Twice About Making A Buying Decision.

Before you start selling a high-ticket product you need to first create a low-ticket product so that your customer can move down your sales funnel.

It's important to price your low-ticket product as low as possible, but at the same time not devaluate the product. This will ensure that you'll get as many qualified customers in your system so ultimately you'll make more profits per customer.

This special report will detail:

  • The types of low-ticket products you can produce. I'll share 16 types of products you can create.

  • How to write a salesletter for your low-ticket item

  • What is a low-ticket item? What is the difference between a low-ticket item and a high-ticket item?

  • Why giving a lot of value in your low-ticket item produces more profits in the long run.

  • Why you should price your low-ticket item as low as possible -- even if you think its value is worth a lot more.

  • An easy way to find out what price you should price your own low-ticket product.

  • Why you need a balance of both low and high-ticket items

  • The advantages of selling low-ticket items

  • Why "volume" is important for the life of your business.

  • How low-ticket items create "viral traffic" for your business, and how it will bring you more customer without much more effort.

  • Using the concept of "sampling" for bigger profits.

  • How low-ticket products helps establish a solid and positive rapport with your customers.

  • Developing your own "bread and butter" low-ticket items for maximum profits

  • and much, much more!

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Words To Profits

Learn what words grab your prospects by their eyeballs, build unshakeable trust and gently guide them to the buy button.

Product Description: Every single word you write that people read will touch them in some way, do you wrap them in a warm blanket of words and make them feel safe? Do you thrill them with every word so they read with a huge smile on their face? Do you intrigue the reader so they are on the edge of their seat as they read?

Getting the right message for the right people is part of the secret, reaching out of the page and pulling them into your writing is the other part. Most people lack the skills to do either!

The fact is that if you are trying to make any money online then the only way you can reach your potential customers is with words, written or spoken. So you'd better make sure they have the biggest impact possible!

What if there was a way to make your words sparkle? From a humble email to a might salesletter - what if your words could impact them with such intensity that the reader can't draw themselves away? If they enveloped the reader and guided them down the page like a written sales assistant helping you to make sales all day long?

This product was created to do just that, to teach you how to get inside the head of the reader and to write words that plug directly into their brain so they are hardwired into your sales message until you choose to let them go. It is an in-depth look at the love-hate relationship we have with words and how to use them to get the results you want.

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The Internet Marketing Profit Plan

If you are struggling to make money online then you're probably missing just a few pieces of the puzzle!

Product Description: If you have been trying to make money online for even a short amount of time then you'll have no doubt bought hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of products so far, all of them selling you a magic pill.

Did any of them work? Don't feel bad, we've all been there at one point, it is like a 'right of passage' to internet success that everyone has to go through. So what's the answer? Well first stop buying junk! Next you need to learn the essential profit-pulling skills crucial to success. The kind of skills you can build a profitable business with, and that will set you up to make money from the internet whatever the economic climate and whatever direction you decide to take.

Real skills, real tools, no smoke and mirrors, you want success? Well you're going to have to work for it, but that just makes the success so much sweeter!

No more magic pills - just the missing pieces of the puzzle to help you start to build a real business!

Imagine the satisfaction of earning money right from in front of your computer, of earning money while you sleep! You've been told that before though, you've also been told it'll only take you 30 minutes a day. You CAN earn money while you sleep, you CAN earn it from in front of your computer, but you're NOT going to earn it for just 30 minutes a day, not at first anyway.

This product was created to cut through all crap that people are being sold which teach fancy tricks and techniques to make money. This book teaches you the essential skills and tools you need to stand up and stake a claim on your share of the cash being spent online!

The activities that set you apart from 99% of the other people trying to make money online as they are still too busy chasing their tail with all the other schemes, meanwhile you know the tried and tested methods to bring in the traffic and sales.

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Building Your Online Business On Today's Internet

Master The New Rules Of Online Marketing Success!

Product Description: Are you looking for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a billion dollar operation? Of course you are, we all are. And you have probably been approached with this same line over and over again. This time, however, is unique. Because this time I have the formula for a tried and true opportunity that really works. If you follow this formula, you can count on making money. I guarantee it! And the best part about this opportunity is that it is so darn easy!

Sure you have heard about e-books and web marketing and viral opportunities and probably wondered "what the heck are they talking about?" That is how most of us react when we hear of these things. But once you learn about these ideas, you will see how easy it is to make money on the internet.

If you think that you have to have to put out a lot of money for a product to sell on the internet, think again. There are ways to get your business started that won't cost you a dime! That's right - you can actually begin the business opportunity that I am talking about without investing any money at all! Nor do you have to hustle other people for money, either! What do you think of that?

Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

  • The Internet Market Today

  • Values Of An E-Book

  • Using A Squeeze Page

  • Using Information Sites

  • Making Money From Social Networking

  • And a lot more!

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Project Management Made Easy

Starting, managing and completing a project is not difficult, once you learn the secrets to successful project management.

Product Description: You can learn quite a bit about project management and not feel so overwhelmed simply by reading this book. This book teaches you how to take a project from start to finish and, using your own techniques and management style, complete the project. Whether you work as a project manager or have a bunch of unfinished projects on your plate, Project Management Made Easy! will help you.

1) This book will help you whether you have a project that you are trying to complete that is daunting or are in charge of projects at work. If you look at every task as a chore, you can learn how to manage them much easier with the skills taught in this book.

2) Instead of worrying about how you are going to complete a project, you can do so easily when you use this book. You will learn how to use your own personality to its fullest with the tools in this book.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

  • Project management styles

  • Financing for project management

  • Making your management style work for you

  • How to break down a project

  • How to work with others

  • And much more!

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Fast-Tracking Firesale Profits

Firesales are one of the most popular things happening in Internet marketing.

Product Description: It is essentially a kind of sales promotion where a thing is first sold at an extremely low price and then after every few days, the price of the thing is raised. This occurrence generally lasts for about seven days and then the offer is terminated forever.

In "Fast-Tracking Firesale Profits" you'll learn step-by-step how to setup your own firesale for quick cash generation, plus you'll also learn what products to sell.

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Beyond The Newbie

"Are You Ready To Breakthrough The Newbie Trap And Start Making The Six Figure Income You Expected When You Started?"

Product Description: Growing pains are a fact of life and a rite of passage for most industries, but when your sole goal is making as much money as you can online, who wants to wait till you learn how to do things right?

This is the biggest drawback to being a newbie, waiting, making mistakes and trying to correct those mistakes in an endless cycle of trying to do things right. It can be a frustratingly annoying process that never promises to improve.

I've seen hundreds of newbies who have been struggling to make a profit online for years, never rising up and leaving the title of newbie behind. Whenever I encounter someone who still considers themselves a newbie after more than a year of working, I do what I can to help them. It makes me sad to see so many people struggle month after month without ever learning what they are doing wrong and how to do things properly.

It's for this exact reason that I wrote Beyond The Newbie, so that I could help people understand how to improve their ability to make money online and move past being just a simple newbie.

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Video Marketing For Lazy Cash Lovers

"SIZZLING Hot Off The Presses Report Reveals How To Make A Killing With Video Marketing Even If You’re Lazy, Inexperienced, And Nearly Broke"

Product Description: A 42 page, 10,000+ word report called Video Marketing For Lazy Cash Lovers that will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to do basic market research and profit handsomely over and over again from other people’s videos.

And here is what you’ll discover inside my brand spanking new report.

  • How to uncover dynamite niche markets on Youtube

  • 6 Red Hot niches that I am currently marketing to

  • The exact promotional request I send to video content producers that works like a charm!

  • 7 Surefire tips and strategies to dominate Youtube

  • Why Right Now is the best time ever to get started with video marketing

  • Why you should not write your own video descriptions and how to get other people to write them for you for FREE

  • How to turn video traffic into easy affiliate cash!

  • How to get a professionally designed Adsense content site in any niche you can imagine for less than $20 and set it up even if you don’t know jack about web design

  • How to painlessly set up an affiliate redirect link for your promotions

  • Why you should not buy video mass submission software and how to get your videos mass submitted to the top 15 video sharing sites without spending a dime of your own money

  • And much, much more!

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The Traffic Hybrid System

"Discover The Simple Copy & Paste Traffic Method That Will Break Into Any Niche, The More Competition the Better!... 100% Guaranteed"

Product Description: Have you read the book by Seth Godin, Purple Cow?

Well... if not.. you really should... It talks about being remarkable... but what's important here is, it talks about marketing to the innovators and early adopters of a niche... what Seth likes to call SNEEZERS.

The method you are about to discover... focuses on getting the attention of none other than SNEEZERS!

"This Method Will Work... No Matter What Type of Site You Have!"

Maybe you are an affiliate for someone else's ebook or maybe you own your own products. You can promote digital information products or physical goods like food supplements (or whatever else). You can promote "pay-per-sale" or "pay-per-lead" products. You can have Adsense on your pages - it doesn't matter.

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How To Turn Your Ability Into Cash

It’s Time to Discover How YOU Can Overcome Negative Thinking, Maximize Your Natural-Born Ability & Earn More Cold Hard Cash Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

Product Description: I’m about to reveal to you the astonishing secrets that will allow you to banish negative thinking from your life forever and turn your ability into cash … lots and lots of cash!

Written by master salesman and successful author, Earl Prevette, this incredible ebook contains step-by-step instructions for controlling negative thoughts, getting the most out of your abilities and achieving your dreams.

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Fast Track To Online Profits

You're About to Learn How To Get On The Fast Track To Online Profits And Earn Real Cash From Home in 30 Days or Less!

Product Description: If you're tired of working the daily grind, you're going to love what you're about to read.

The fact is, you don't need to keep working hard to make others wealthy while you struggle and worry. How would you like to work from home--your own schedule, your own hours, be your own boss--and get paid MORE for doing it?

There are 1,000s of people out there right now that are just like you, and they are doing exactly that. Fed up with the routine, they took action and changed their lives. And now you can too!

Fast Track to Online Profits is your one-stop guide to learning everything you need to know to stop being at your boss' mercy and start taking control of your life and your finances.

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Internet Marketing Essentials For Newbies

Learn the Loops in Online Business, Get Internet Marketing Essentials!

Starting An Online Business Is NOT Easy, But Life Is A Lot Easier If You Know The Basics!

Product Description: Internet Marketing Essentials For Newbies presents the basic facts that you need to participate in the most active industry to date. That’s Internet to you, dear! Millions of people all over the world are seeing the potential of earning money for livelihood using the power of interconnectivity.

The opportunity to make a living online is so amazing that it allows people to make money right where they feel most comfortable – in their very own homes. You, too, can take part in this fast growing industry but first, you need to work up the amount of knowledge that you currently have about marketing online and the nitty gritty details that entail it.

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Visualize And Attract

The Key To A Successful And Abundant Life By Using The Power You Currently Have In Your Hand!

Product Description: Imagine Having Anything You Want By Just ‘Thinking’ About It-- I Know It Sounds Crazy... But Many Success Gurus And Thousands of Ordinary People Around The World, Can Swear By This One Technique To Bring Prosperity Into Their Lives!

It’s not impossible. You mind can attract anything that it wants. You just have to believe it and add some ingredients to it. Of course, this goes without saying that you’ll need to take action towards it.

Frankly, you need to understand how powerful this technique is. Your thoughts attract things to you just like a magnet, bad or good.

What one thing did Thomas Edison, Napoleon Bonaparte and Tiger Woods have in common-- What’s this one ingredient that they used over and over again to trigger their success?

Just by using this one technique isn’t going to get you there but it sure is going to make your journey a lot faster... and clearer.

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21 Ways To Raise Fast Cash!

How Would You Like The Thought of Knowing 21 Different Methods of Generating Cash Anytime You'd Like?

Product Description: Using These 21 Methods, You'll Be Able To Raise Cash Quickly For An Emergency or Simply To Add More To Your Bottom Line!

I've written a special report for you where I share 21 different ways to generate cash whenever you wanted.

Do note that just like with anything and everything, these methods require your effort.

It comes from the saying: "You reap what you sow".

I've found 21 methods that work, and it is in your hands to take action on the information provided in this report.

Inside this special report you'll discover:

  • A powerful way to get a surge of cash to your bank account.

  • Services you can offer and make money right now.

  • A unique little way to advertise any product or service that most people overlook.

  • A surefire way allowing you to promote any product or service without breaking the bank.

  • The two best websites to sell your _______ ______ and make cash by the end of the week.

  • How to create your own information product quickly & easily and sell it by the end of the day.

  • An easy service you can provide to almost any webmaster.

  • How to raise cash by providing Internet marketing services to local businesses.

  • How to get paid now by helping others.

  • How to use MySpace to raise cash today, and what to sell.

  • How to make money quickly by selling "custom content mini-sites"

  • Do you have an established business already? Here's a way to raise cash that most business owners don't think of.

  • much, much more!

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Resell Rights Ninja!

The Art Of Making Money Effortlessly From Other People's Work!

Product Description: You're About To Embark On A Journey That Will Show You Everything You Need To Know About Making Money Online With Less Work Than You May Think!

Have you ever wondered how some marketers seem to be able to produce product after product and turn a profit almost without breaking a sweat?

Or how you can quickly take advantage of that profitable niche you've just found.

Creating a product from scratch takes time. If you add in research and setting up the backend, it can take anything from a week or two or even more. If you outsource product development, it is unlikely to be much faster.

It is also a LOT of work creating a product, and to be honest with you, many marketers have no idea where to start. Creating a product can be a complex process that takes time and effort.

But what if there was a way for you to create a product almost instantly with very little work and in some cases, with no work?

What if there was a way for you to profit from other people's effort for pennies on the dollar compared to what it would cost you to hire them directly?

This is an in depth course teaching you everything you need to know about how to profit from resale rights products including:

  • What the rights are, and how they affect how you use the products you buy

  • Which rights are the most valuable to you and which to grab the moment you see them

  • How to use PLR products for maximum profit (a real neat trick)

  • How to use Master Resale and Resale Rights, something many marketers completely ignore and are losing money because of it!

  • Exactly how to find products with rights

  • Learn what to look for when considering purchasing a product with rights - including which red flags to look out for that could be deal breakers

  • See a great place to get unique deals on resale rights products that can make you a fortune

  • Find out which is the best place to find resale rights products and be blown away by the value you get ... if you use just 10% of what you get here you will be earning a fortune!

  • Learn the many different uses for Private Label Rights which means you can profit again and again and again from the same product

  • Understand how you can produce maximum profit from every single product you buy

  • And much, much more!

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Master Resale Rights!
Internet Marketing Roadmap!

Discover How You Too Can Use This Easy To Understand Marketing Roadmap To Get The Results Your Business Needs!

Product Description: You're probably already aware that there is more than one way to make money online? In fact, there are so many routes and roadmaps to Internet Marketing success because it's such a broad topic that you need to narrow it down!

What I've done here is to give you a specific step-by-step video series covering different tactics you can implement to start getting a "steady" flow of traffic back to your business. I say "steady" because in order to survive, you can't look at the short term, but what you can get for the long haul.

What's A Roadmap Got To Do With It?

Think of a roadmap like planning your trip, but in this case, your trip is to get traffic and ultimately make sales! This trip will never end and it's more like your pathway to a successful business.

Before you make your trip to business success, you need to plan things out and see where you stand as a business.

How much money can you spend within your budget?

Can you do all the work by yourself or can you hire someone to do it for you?

All in all, marketing takes time, yes, time; the dreaded word many of you know all too well. Yes, You need to save time and money for the more important stuff; and one of those things is Marketing.

Once you know your goals, you can then start to taking action to your marketing roadmap.

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Video Creation Secrets!

Who Else Wants To Create Attention-Grabbing, Eye-Blinking Videos That Make Other Product Owners & Affiliate Marketing Jealous?

Product Description: Creating promotional videos is something that not everyone can do and that's generally because there aren't many guides that show you how to do them correctly. A lot of them focus on the visual part of the promo video which is wrong. In fact there is one key element that can make your promo video increase your sales, and if you do it wrong, it'll drop your sales.

If your promotional videos are not created in high quality, you can kiss your product conversions goodbye.  You videos are similar to your sales letter, but a lot shorter. The advantage is you can often press emotional hot buttons quicker and appeal to audio/visual people.

You have to remember that some people like to read, while many people like to watch.

If you don't know how to:

  • Record a voiceover

  • Get visual effects and animations

  • Get music soundtracks

  • Write a video script

  • Technology scares you

Or you just don't know where to start, then Video Creation Secrets may be just what you're looking for!

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27 Essential Rules of Internet Marketing!

How Would You Like To Get More Traffic, Sales and Leads For Your Internet Business Just By Following These 27 Essential Rules and Tactics of Internet Marketing?

Product Description: It can be overwhelming, especially if you're just starting out.

All of these elements are all important, but which ones should you focus on?

Knowing the technicalities of running an Internet business will speed up your success, but without the proper mindset, you won't be mentally ready to make this "Internet business" work.

So I've done something about it, and I'd like to share it with you.

I've written a special report for you where I share 27 of the most important rules and methods I have followed which will help you get started with Internet marketing as quickly and easy as possible...

Inside this special report you'll discover:

  • An easy way to base your product or service around - here's how to do it.

  • Think of customers this way and you'll be able to sell your product or service easily. There's no "magic pill", simply follow this rule to reap the benefits.

  • How to present your website so it looks credible. A website will either break or make the sale. Follow this rule and you'll generate as many sales and leads as possible.

  • A surefire way to allow you to make more sales to your existing customers and convert prospects into eager customers.

  • A simple rule to follow to help you get more work done. If you want to build a real business, follow this crucial yet simple rule.

  • How to take your business to the next level by simply looking for __________.

  • Why joint-venture partners can play a big role in the success of your business. I've provided a template email you can use when approaching potential joint-venture partners to make it dead easy for you. How much extra can a partner make you? An extra $500-$10,000 a month?

  • And Much More!

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Online Branding Secrets!

Leapfrog Over All Your Competitors With These Simple Branding Secrets You Can Apply Immediately!

Product Description: Discover Simple Yet Powerful Techniques Successful Marketers Build Their Businesses Upon...Then use These Techniques To Grow Your Own Business!

This simple to execute, straight forward guide will reveal to you how you can easily create a successful and powerful brand that your prospects will recall as easily as McDonald's is associated with fast food and Coke with soda!

You will discover valuable chunks of branding advice such as:

  • The No. 1 mistake most marketers make in building a brand - DO NOT repeat this!

  • Some proven, effective ways to creating a brand people will definitely remember 

  • One important element to remember to have customers flocking back to you time and again

  • How choosing the right domain names can affect your branding for better or worse! 

  • Choosing your logo and building your brand using the right words without breaking a sweat!

  • Avoiding bad first impressions of your brand and simple ways to do so!

  • Factors to keep in mind when creating a successful webpage for your business!

  • The step-by step method of leveraging on your keywords for faster search engine indexing 

  • Maximizing social media sites for faster brand exposure

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Master The Techniques Of Letter Writing!

Step By Step Guide To The Art of Letter Writing!

Product Description: Every one of us has to write letters some time or the other - either in personal life or at work. The reasons you are reading this letter is that the technique of writing letter in the right way needs to be learned. In letter writing, there is no face to face contact between people, and everything depends upon the words that are written. Therefore it is important that you choose then right words while writing letters.

Apart from the words that you use, the subject, purpose, tone of your letter, outline and presentation also plays an important part while writing letters. You need to identify your audience properly and say your views in a way that your words convey the right meaning and you don't get misinterpreted in any way. Each of the above mentioned features are clearly explained in the letter along with samples and examples to make it easy for anyone to understand.

In my ten years of corporate experience, I have seen many people get rejected and face failure because they didn't know the art of letter writing. Through years, I have realized how important it is for people to master the art of letter writing, for personal as well as professional life's success. With this aim in mind, I have compiled together the ideas and tips for writing perfect letters into an e-book called "Master The Techniques Of Letter Writing". This e-book acts as a step by step guide to explain you the importance of the tone and presentation while writing letters.

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The IM Software Xtreme Package!

Discover The 16 Secret Tools That Gurus Are Using To Build Their Online Business And Make Full-Time Income!

Product Description: I know it sounds Crazy...but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive programs anymore.

It doesn’t mean high cost software is a bad thing for your businesses. In fact, we use expensive software and do recommend them. We also know it costs money to make money but you sure can cut down the costs and save the extra $$$ to spend on something else.

This Package Includes:

  • Xtreme Affiliate Page Generator

  • Xtreme Affiliate Rewriter

  • Xtreme Blog Hunter

  • Xtreme Content Checker

  • Xtreme Coupon Code Generator (Image Shown Above)

  • Xtreme Forum Manager

  • Xtreme Info Box Creator

  • Xtreme Keyword Research Tool

  • Xtreme Link Analyzer

  • Xtreme Link Cloaker Pro

  • Xtreme Link Directory Submitter

  • Xtreme Optin Page Generator

  • Xtreme Project Manager

  • Xtreme Salesletter Generator

  • Xtreme Screen Capture Tool

  • Xtreme Squeeze Page Generator

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Email Demon!

Seduce Your Subscribers For Unlimited Cash!

Product Description: "People Just Like You Have Used These Powerful Email Marketing Strategies To Make $705 With One Email, In ONE Hour, With A VERY Small List"

Inside this course you are going to learn every single one of the many mistakes I've made, that way you can avoid doing them...

You're also going to get step-by-step instructions as I walk you through the exact same techniques I used to 'break on through to the other side'...

I can honestly say that I'm fully convinced that the fortune IS in the list, but only if you know how to tap its full potential...

I've blown the minds of many 'gurus' when I boast about my open rates that range as high as 90%, and my click through rates that have seen well over 83%...

I've used these exact same techniques to outsell many of the 'super affiliates' in some of the nets biggest Internet Marketing launches, and I did so without having a list of hundreds of thousands... but just a few thousand...

My friend, I'm here to tell you that you don't need a massive list to start seeing massive profits online. You just need the Email Demon Training Course...

You are going to learn how to literally turn your subscribers into a rabid list of buyers who can't wait to open your emails!

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Dirty But Legal Cash Raking Tricks!

How The Big Boys Make The Big Money Playing Dirty!

Product Description: Are you spinning your wheels when it comes to Internet Marketing? Have you been trying whatever one else is doing only to find it's not working for you? Do you think there is a reason everyone else seems to be able to win the game of Internet Marketing but you?

To answer your question. Yes, there is a reason you're not succeeding or not doing as well with Internet Marketing as you hoped or planned for. I got news for you. All the planning and the hoping in the world isn't going to make you rich.

Playing by the rules and learning what the "pros" are doing months or years after they do it also isn't going to accomplish much of anything. This all comes down to one thing.

It's not what you know. It's who you know.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

  • Why not listing your products price is a major step in the right direction

  • How you can make anyone buy anything with a tried and true trick

  • The real way to turn a visitor into a customer in three simple steps

  • When trash talking is the right thing to do and being polite won't work

  • A dirty but legal way to get other people to sell your stuff for you

  • How a simple count down will have you counting zero's in your bank account

  • The coveted "WIIFM" tactic that you too can use just like the big guys

  • Creating a controversy at the drop of a hat with 100% guaranteed success

  • Minor factors that will have a major impact on your marketing profits

  • How to shock your customers into buying whatever it is you're selling

  • And a lot more!

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Internet Marketing Secrets For Newbies

Thousands of People Are Making a Fortune Online.

And Yet Many People Struggle to Even Earn a Dollar...Why?

Product Description: Let Me Cut to The Chase Here, I Want To Help You Make Money From Internet Marketing TODAY!

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to become a successful affiliate marketer. I will take you through the entire process, from selecting your product to promoting it.

This Video Series Features:

  • A Collection of 19 Professionally Recorded Videos -This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about finding a profitable product to sell, and how to promote it.
  • Why Affiliate Marketing is Awesome - Before you actually start marketing online, I want you to understand the advantages, so you can use them to their fullest extent.
  • How to Find a Profitable Niche - I don't want you to pick a market just because you like it, a lot goes into finding a niche that will be profitable for you.
  • How to Choose a Profitable Product - Not every product online is a guaranteed money-maker. I will show you how to pick from the cream of the crop.
  • How to Work With Clickbank - I will take you through the process of finding a profitable product from the Clickbank Marketplace to promote.
  • The Power of Keyword Research - If you aren't creating pages that are focused on specific keywords, you are literally taking a stab in the dark at achieving natural search engine rankings. Let me show you how to perform effective keyword research.
  • How to Setup a Free Blog - You don't need to bother with buying a domain name and hosting, I will show you how to setup a free blog that will do a fantastic job of promoting your affiliate product.
  • How to Create an Optimized Post On Your Blog - I will take you through the different things you need to do to make your blog and post "optimized" for the search engines. This is really important stuff!
  • How to Promote Your Blog - I will show you three powerful ways to promote your blog and product for free. These steps are critical if you are to see success.
  • How to Branch Out - Once you start making money from your first venture, I will offer suggestions for moving to the next level.

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List Boosters

Want to quickly build a list of subscribers who are just hungry to buy from you?

"Would You Trade Just One Medium-Sized Cheese Pizza To Discover 7 Simple, Yet Powerful Ways, To Rake In More Ultra-Responsive Subscribers Anytime You Wish?"

Product Description: You've heard it over and over again - "The Money's In The List".

Sounds too much like a cliché nowadays doesn't it?

You've been bombarded with emails telling you that "You need your own list".

You know what? I'll hand you a list for FREE. How would you like that?

Simply grab a phone directory. There's your list. Now start making money.

Listen, although the phrase "The money's in the list" is true - I don't totally agree with it.

What you need is your own ultra-responsive list. By that I mean subscribers who can't wait to receive all your emails.

I've been in many businesses before such as MLM opportunities and it came down to this - It's all in the numbers game.

  • A list of 100 responsive subscribers will only generate you 2 sales at a conversion rate of 2%.
  • A list of of 1,000 responsive subscribers will generate you 20 sales with the same conversion rate.

So How Do You Build Your Own List of 1000, 7000, 10,000 or Even More?

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Next Generation Network Marketing

Imagine something big. Bigger. Even bigger. Imagine...

Building Your Network Marketing Business Bigger Than Ever With The Internet!

Product Description: When is the last time you took any Network Marketing or Business opportunity seriously? Chances are a very long time or not at all. Surely everything out there can't be a scam. There are plenty of people making plenty of money with Network Marketing.

Some are old, some are young. They all have a few things in common. Well one thing really. They know how to Network and they know how to market. The key of any business is to provide something for a fee.

With Network Marketing not only are you selling a product you are selling yourself. As much as people say you are always selling yourself when you sell a product is holds particularly true when you are dealing with Network Marketing.

I know you think this is just another waste of time and money and will leave you with nothing more than a few dollars less than you had before. Yes, something is for sale here. The information you're going to need to succeed. Don't believe me? Well, keep reading.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

  • How the people in your inner circle could make or break your business
  • The truth about what the pros do and you'll need to do make money
  • Which simple mind set will better your business for ever and ever
  • Why being shy can be your best friend in Network Marketing
  • The habits you're going to pick up to win at this game once and for all
  • A major personality trait everyone who is anyone has and how to get it
  • How to grow your down line on a massive scale with little effort or money
  • Why the right up line is only half the battle and how to overcome it
  • The top mistakes Pros and "Joe's" make and how to avoid them from the start
  • How to create a "dream team" of network members in no time at all
  • And a lot more!

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